Taking the stairs saved his life!

One of the original founders of B&W is Jerry Bratton. Jerry is in his eighties and has always been very active. He has been an avid tennis player most of his life and can be found walking his dogs around his neighborhood most afternoons. He had been feeling a little bit tired, but didn’t worry too much over it.
It is no surprise to those of us that know him that he would choose taking the stairs over using an elevator at church. One time, the decision to use the stairs set up a chain of events that likely saved his life! It is important to note that using the stairs next to him, this particular time, was a good friend that happened to be a cardiologist. He thought that Jerry’s breathing didn’t sound quite right and suggested that he make an appointment to see him, for what he suspected to be a leaky valve.
The cardiologist’s suspicion about the leaky valve was confirmed at the appointment. Jerry was then scheduled for a routine exam prior to the surgery to replace the valve. It was then that they discovered that he had 3 major blockages in his arteries! They were over 90% blocked. He was admitted immediately and within a few days had undergone triple bypass surgery.
Jerry’s story could have had a much different ending if he didn’t heed the advice of his doctor. He could have suffered a major heart attack at any moment. We could have lost him without ever knowing there was a problem. The road to recovery has been long but today Jerry is active and grateful to be alive. The moral of Jerry’s story is that if something doesn’t feel right to you, see your doctor, and more importantly, heed their advice! We are very glad that Jerry did!