Rhonda Schwartz – Speeding Indy into a new way of renting homes

Rhonda Schwartz
During race season, many race fans find it difficult to find somewhere to park, or even stay. So why not stay in a home with the race track right round the corner?

Rhonda Schwartz  answers this very question by buying a home, revamping it , and listing the home for rent on Airbnb. Race fans from all over can now have the comfort of staying in a cozy home and be at the track to watch the race before you can say “On your mark, get set, go!”

The home is located on lovely Presto Drive, 46224.

About Rhonda Schwartz: 100% Hoosier

The slogan “Hoosier Pride”  has no better poster child than our Customer of the Month, Rhonda Schwartz!

A lifelong Hoosier, Rhonda has resided all over Indiana, from Fort Wayne to Bloomington, to Indianapolis and now Speedway!

No matter her address, Rhonda embraces and enhances her community. She helps people find the homes of their dreams for F.C. Tucker, and is a member of the Speedway Chamber of Commerce.

When she’s not on the go, she relaxes with cooking and photography.