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What’s the Story with Bidets?

by darice

Bidet. Bidet. Bidet is just a word that no matter how many times I say it, or which syllable I emphasize, it still invokes an image that causes me to grimace.  The mental picture of the bidet’s purpose can be a bit squeamish for the weak of stomach. Should it really be that awful? Don’t we all use the bathroom? Doesn’t everyone want to feel clean?

Miriam Webster defines the bidet as “a bathroom fixture used especially for bathing the external genitals and the anal region.”   There! The awful definition is out there! Loosely translated, the bidet toilet seat is your personal posterior power wash! The bidet has been keeping backsides clean for centuries.  It was created in France in the 1600’s, and became a regular indulgence of the upper classes. The invention of indoor plumbing saw the bidet’s popularity soar in Europe, and many bathrooms had both a toilet and a bidet.  Over time, the design has morphed into a toilet/bidet combination and its popularity continued to grow in many other countries. In fact, the only country that initially seemed to miss the bidet boat is the United States. While we are seemingly interested in being clean and germ free, we couldn’t get over the whole “bidet” thing.  Rather, we tried to address the cleanliness dilemma using wet wipes. Wet wipes, while handy for the moment have long term ill effects on the environment.

The perfect storm for embracing a bidet in American homes is forming.  Public awareness of the environmental and monetary cost of wet wipes has made consumers leery of their use.  That combined with new companies making affordable bidet like attachments to existing toilets that offer the same cleansing effect at a fraction of the cost.   After all, isn’t everyone interested in cleanliness and good hygiene, while helping the environment and saving money?

It can also help restore dignity and self-reliance to the elderly and special needs population, who may need assistance maintaining the same level of cleanliness.  It can end embarrassment for people who have physical limitations as well. Think of it this way: would you rather help a loved one clean up after toileting, or provide an easy way they can do it themselves?  Show of hands?

My father was diagnosed with diverticulosis over 30 years ago.  Since he was in the business of plumbing, he was well acquainted with bidets, and had one installed in his home.  Every home he has lived in since has had a bidet. In fact, he recently began the hunt for a senior living community and had many suitors.  The community that eventually won his heart was the one that took care of his backside and allowed an outlet so he could install a bidet seat.

In our environmentally concerned world, the bidet makes perfect sense.  I plan to install one on my husbands preferred “throne.” Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!!  If the idea of helping the environment while maintaining a fresher fanny appeals to you, give us a call.  We can help you decide which product would work best for you.

Beth R.

A Christmas Story

by Web Intern
A Christmas Story

We are all one of two types of people this time of year. Those that love the constant exposure to the movie “A Christmas Story,” or those that get tired of it. I for one, never get tired of watching the Parker Family and their holiday shenanigans. I enjoy listening to the movie marathon in the background as I prepare dinner on Christmas. As I watch it with my children, I often smile when I hear them marvel at some of the differences of that era. When the tire blows, Ralphie’s dad changes the tire on their car himself. Who does that, they wonder? Why not call AAA instead? Mrs. Parker calls Mrs. Schwartz to tell her that Ralphie learned foul language from her son, and she uses a rotary phone! My children have only seen those in museums and can’t fathom not being connected to the world through their cell phone. The most memorable example to me is Mr. Parker, better known as the Old Man, seemingly excited to fight a never-ending battle with the monster in his basement, his furnace! Although funny to the viewer, who would enjoy that?

At first glance, from our viewpoint of modern convenience, it seems hard to believe what people had to endure during the 1950s. If you look a little deeper, though, you can see that our concerns don’t change, even though our methods of problem-solving may have. Ralphie’s mom would still call Mrs. Schwartz today, but probably on her cell phone. Her concern for her son doesn’t change, just how the message gets conveyed. And really…if the Old Man got a flat tire today, would he really change it himself when there are so many roadside services? The need doesn’t change, but the way it can be addressed sure has!

The same is true of the epic battle with the furnace. Mr. Parker didn’t pick a fight with the furnace because he was bored, although he did seem to enjoy it! It stemmed from his desire to keep his family warm during cold Indiana winters. That is something all Hoosiers can relate to. We all want warm comfortable homes without a fight. The trick to that is asking for help before it becomes a fight. We want to be your modern-day solution to an age-old concern – keeping your family comfortable. Call us! We want to help make sure your furnace is ready for Indiana winter 2019. We will address any issues before they become holiday emergencies! Murphy’s Law is real! Problems always happen when we don’t have time for them.

The overall theme of “A Christmas Story” is one that resonates with any age or background. No matter how different or crazy your loved ones seem, they are a blessing. The most important part of the holiday season is enjoying time spent with loved ones. We want you to be prepared, so you can enjoy this time of year with your family, in the comfort of your own home.

Chip Ganassi Racing Open House to Benefit Indy Honor Flight

by Web Intern

B&W Plumbing and Heating, the professionals in the big black trucks, would like to thank all active duty and veterans for their service. In their honor, please attend the Chip Ganassi Racing Open House (7777 Woodland Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46278) benefitting Indy Honor Flight this Saturday, November 17 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Indy Honor Flight is a non-profit organization created solely to honor Indiana’s veterans for their service and sacrifice. They will transport WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans to see their memorials in Washington, D.C. for free! 

This is a rare opportunity to see the behind the scenes of a Championship-winning racing operation! Chip Ganassi races sports cars, NASCAR, and Indy Cars. Come and see how they make it happen.  You can buy a ticket to win a ride in a 2-seater Indy Car, meet Indy Car Champion Scott Dixon, and see the shops where the cars are prepared. Don’t miss it!

Where Did the Time Go? The Importance of Time

by Web Intern

Time. It is our most precious resource. We never seem to have enough of it, and what we do have is in high demand!  It seems that there is always and urgent need threatening our valuable time. Get your home ready for winter! The holidays are coming! The time we have is under constant attack. Sadly, you can’t order more, have time Amazon Primed to your doorstep, or earn your way to more. The harsh reality is that we are only blessed with so much time, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. As Carl Sandberg famously recalled, “Time is the coin of our life. Only you can determine how it will be spent.”

What great food for thought! If time is our currency, what are we spending it on? Are we investing it, like the valuable commodity it is, or are we simply tossing it away? Do we get so swept up in the urgent demands on our time that we forget the important?

I signed up to run a half marathon this month and debated whether I had the time to spare. I fretted about it and even considered giving up my spot even though I had already paid for it. I didn’t think I could be away for a day when I should be working on my “to do” list. Eventually, the voice of economic reason won out and I decided since I paid for it, I was going to run it. It was the best decision I could have made. The day was warm, and the scenery was beautiful. I had a wonderful experience, enjoying fall in all its splendor. My list of things to do was still there, but it didn’t consume me because I realized while it may have seemed urgent, it wasn’t truly important.

B&W also recognizes the difference between urgent and important. We understand that life is busy. Crazy even, sometimes. Your time is valuable. There are recitals to attend, games to play, and memories to be made. We don’t want you to miss a thing! If a plumbing or heating need suddenly arises, let us help! We want to solve your urgent problems, so you can spend your time on what’s important. Our greatest compliment is when someone tells us we took a hectic day and made it peaceful, or that we solved an urgent problem and their life didn’t miss a beat. When the urgent is taken care of you have more time to focus on what is important, like family, friends, and having peace of mind.

There are always urgent circumstances that demand our time. The hard part is not letting the urgent take the place of what is important. If time truly is the coin of our life, we must be intentional about how it is spent. Investing time with loved ones always comes with reward. There are only so many ball games, school programs and family dinners we get to be a part of. Spend your coin well.

Inside the Big Black Truck!

by Web Intern
Inside the Big Black Truck!

Peyton Manning. LeBron James. Superman. We mere mortals are often in awe of individuals that seemingly carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and emerge the victor. They can win the game and save the day all by themselves, barely breaking a sweat! Or can they? Where would Manning have been without Saturday and Wayne?LeBron without four others on the court? Could Superman function without Lois Lane? The truth is, despite the illusion that some individuals are superior, they are not alone in their efforts. There are always key people behind the scenes working to make the job of the individual easier. Although they often go unnoticed, their input is critical.

We are better together. Those words ring true in almost any scenario. They resonate truth whether you are in marching band, playing football, or performing in a play. It takes a group effort to ensure a good performance. As legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson puts it, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

I happened to be driving down a city street a few weeks ago and I found myself behind one of our Big Black Trucks at a stoplight. My immediate thought was “Hmmm, I wonder who is driving the truck?” My first inclination was to consider the individual. I couldn’t see who it was, and they turned away from me. When I arrived in the office later that morning, I mentioned to one of the dispatchers that I had seen a truck and wondered who was driving it. She immediately told me that it was Plumber Dave and where he was going. Before long, through conversation in the office, I learned what issue the customer was dealing with and how we planned to address it. So, although my eye was initially on the individual, I was quickly reminded of how much behind the scenes effort goes into one service call at B&W.

Each Big Black Truck is not just equipped with an individual technician. That truck carries all of us to each location.  It carries the person who answers the phone call, the person who schedules the service, those that troubleshoot the situations, those who order parts, and who maintain our trucks. Our technicians couldn’t do their job effectively without the collective efforts of all members of Team B&W. We are better together.

Imagine if we carried this mindset beyond our workplace and into our communities? What a difference we could make in our neighborhoods, our towns, and even our country! No one person has all the answers or the abilities needed in every situation. Each of us brings unique gifts and experiences with us into any relationship. It’s when we realize this that we are capable of amazing accomplishments! We truly are better together!

Yes, Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

by darice
Yes, Your Indoor Air Quality Matters

It is possible that you heard the term “indoor air quality” before and you thought about how clean the air inside your home is. You might not be aware, but the invisible air circulating inside your home could be full of debris and pollutants.

And since we spend large parts of our days indoors, it is important to consider the impact of indoor air quality on our health and well-being. According to a research study conducted by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend, on average, 93% of their life indoors.

The quality of indoor air matters even more during the fall season as people spend more time away from the cold outdoors, and are therefore more vulnerable to the harmful pollutants in the air.  Some of the biggest culprits for polluting the air are:

Asbestos: They are a major cause of indoor air pollution. Although using asbestos for construction is illegal now, many older homes still have asbestos-containing products, such as paint, building blocks and floor tiles. Asbestos can cause serious illnesses, such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and several kinds of cancers.

Radon: This is another harmful substance, found underneath some homes. It is odorless and therefore cannot be detected without proper equipment. Radon is scientifically proven to cause lung cancer in humans. In fact, it is the second biggest cause of lung cancer deaths in the US.

Household Chemicals: There are many toxic chemicals found in certain household items, including flooring, bathroom cleaning products, paint and more. Excessive exposure to these harmful chemicals can lead to eye irritation, throat irritation and lung or kidney damage.

Apart from damaging our bodies, indoor air pollutants can also make us less productive at work. This is detrimental to your company’s profitability, if you are an employer, or your chances of getting a promotion as an employee.

To protect yourself and your employees from the adverse effects of indoor air pollutants, invest in a dehumidifier and air purification services. You can contact us to check the air quality inside your building and test out your humidifiers and air cleaning equipment.