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While our blog archive may not cover all 50-years of service excellence at B&W Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we do have an extensive collection of blog articles that provides nearly ten-years worth of insight and helpful information on comfort-system maintenance, safety, seasonal maintenance and much, much more. Return often for the latest from our team of professionals and put B&W experience and knowledge to work for you.

American Standard Furnaces Installed by B&W Plumbing and Heating Are Not Only Efficient, But Quiet.

A new American Standard furnace installed by B&W Plumbing and Heating is not only efficient, but it is incredibly quiet compared to older systems.  Usually, the first response we get from customers is that they are amazed at the low noise level their new furnace has compared to their previous one.   Listen to the […] Read More »

Our Indy, Our Community

Meet Indy Gateway!   What happens when a banker, a state representative, and a school superintendent see each other frequently at Westside meeting and events? They discuss untapped potential in an area dear to their hearts and decide to take action. This was the beginning of Indy Gateway. Karlee Macer, state representative for the Westside […] Read More »

Rhonda Schwartz - Speeding Indy into a new way of renting homes

During race season, many race fans find it difficult to find somewhere to park, or even stay. So why not stay in a home with the race track right round the corner? Rhonda Schwartz  answers this very question by buying a home, revamping it , and listing the home for rent on Airbnb. Race fans […] Read More »

Taking the stairs saved his life!

One of the original founders of B&W is Jerry Bratton. Jerry is in his eighties and has always been very active. He has been an avid tennis player most of his life and can be found walking his dogs around his neighborhood most afternoons. He had been feeling a little bit tired, but didn’t worry too […] Read More »

Missing Ray

February is heart month.  It is dedicated to heart health and the prevention of heart disease.  We have been touched by heart disease here at B&W far too often in many different ways.  We hope that by sharing some of our stories, it may emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and knowing the signs […] Read More »

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