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10 Tips to Welcome your Holiday Guests

Tis the season to entertain.  Since comfort is our speciality our staff put together tips to ensure your guests are comfortable, while visiting, during the holidays or winter season.  Have your family members help you prepare by dividing this list along with your home cleaning, organizing and holiday meal planning.  The more you can get done in advance means the more time you’ll have to enjoy your guests and the holiday season.

Welcome Guests
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  1. Ensure your pathways  are clear of ice and snow and light the way by checking that your bulbs are in working order.  (If using salt on your sidewalks, consider walking your pet in the snow as to not irritate his/her paws, or consider dog boots.  Check your local hardware store for pet safe products.)
  2. Roll out the red carpet, or shall we say the welcome mat?  Offer a place for your guests to kick the snow off of their shoes outside and inside your door.  If you have a guest in a wheel chair look into renting (or purchasing) a portable ramp.
  3. Inside your home create a drop zone by having a coat rack or closet, with empty hangers, nearby.  Consider placing a bench or chair, for boots, to be removed.  Also, plan an area for purses and gift bags.
  4. Appeal to the senses.  Wether you have a candle burning, a pot of apples and cinnamon, or a plug in scent, nothing speaks holidays and warmth than a pleasurable scent.
  5. Warm your guests from the inside out by offering coffee, hot cider, cocoa or more as they enter.
  6. Adjust your programmable thermostat a few degrees down when you anticipate the oven heating up and a full home of added guests.  Plan this ahead as you may forget with last minute preparations for your guests.  Lay out a few throw blankets, around your sofas or in a basket, in case your guests prefer a higher home temperature. It’s hard to please everyone, but it’s much easier to set a few degrees low and offer a blanket to Granny than to cool down others.
  7. For overnight guests prepare a basket of towels and travel size necessities that may have been forgotten, like a toothbrush, shampoos, lotion, etc. (Consider adding a mint on the pillow before bedtime or a welcome note from your kids.)
  8. Check that your water heater is ready for the extra guests. If not, consider a larger capacity unit or make a shower schedule to ensure warm water for everyone. If you want to impress guests add one of our wireless Moxie Speakers to your shower head.
  9. Prepare a warm and welcoming breakfast in your crock pot for your overnight guests. We’ve tried this one and it’s fantastic (healthy too).  There are many online versions depending on your health goals and restrictions.
  10. Wrapping up our list. Keep some extra wrapping paper and tape accessible for any guests who bring a last minute gift without wrapping. (You may even want to plan an extra gift or two in your closet in case you forgot someone.)

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and hope you find our tips helpful. Feel free to post any of your comments or suggestions, for getting through the holidays with guests, here or on our facebook page.