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Shop Small on November 30th 2013

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November 30th 2013

B&W is proud to be 100% locally owned and operated since 1961.  Customers have many choices for their plumbing and HVAC needs and B&W strives to earn your business.  In a competitive marketplace, with many Big Name companies , it’s often a challenge for local businesses, like B&W, to compete. Many local businesses have shut their doors, or have been bought out by the Big Guys.  B&W has not. We owe our success to loyal customers, an amazing team and our philosophy of offering quality products and services with choices.  We believe in offering options, with thorough explanations and recommendations, so customers can make educated decisions for their home and/or business.  Our goal is to form lasting relationships. We want to be a trusted source your turn to, and can proudly refer friends and family to knowing they will be taken care of –  like you were.  With Small Business Saturday approaching, on November 30th (The Saturday after Thanksgiving), we wanted to blog about being local and share  how supporting your favorite locally owned businesses can  impact our community.

Benefits of buying local.

  1. More money stays in our community. Locally owned businesses live in the community near their shop. The profits they take home are then put back into the community as they make purchases. As they buy food, clothing and pay for their home and taxes.  Local businesses tend to hire local for outsourced needs. When purchasing from a big box store, with corporate offices out of state, a majority of the profits are then recirculated in their home town vs. ours.  (refer to the infograph below for details)
  2. Improved customer service: Local owners take great pride and are passionate in their business, valuing their customers.  They rely on repeat business and understand keeping their customers satisfied. Oftentimes big box stores are so busy looking for the next customer and larger sale that they undervalue and underserve customers.
  3. Keep our community unique: Locally owned business make our town unique and have character. From how they look to products and services offered.
  4. Create more jobs: Not only do local businesses hire local employees internally they hire local printers, marketing agencies, event suppliers, service companies and more.  No national contracts with companies across the states. They value local and hire other local businesses when needed. “Local firms procure local goods and services at more than twice the rate of chains.” Source: Anderson Study of Retail Economics, Chicago, IL 10/04
  5. Local businesses participate in local community events more often by sponsoring teams, joining the Chamber and working with community leaders to add value and improvements to our community.

Infograph:  If you spent $100 dollars at a local store you can expect $73 to stay right in our community vs. that same $100 spent at a national business where $43 stays in our local economy.  Refer to the chart below for details and further explanation on where the dollars go.  One item to add to this chart. If you spend that same $100 for an online purchase $0 comes back to our community. 


B&W is proud to take part in Small Business Saturday and we encourage everyone to pick their favorite local businesses and support our community.

We appreciate your loyalty in supporting our local business and wish you and your family many blessings this Thanksgiving.