Planned Service Agreements For Your Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment


B&W Plumbing and Heating would like to let everyone know that right now is best time to buy a Planned Service Agreement (PSA) for your heating and air conditioning equipment.  When you purchase a PSA, we will provide you with two precision tune-ups (one air conditioner tune up and one furnace tune up) to help provide a quality, efficient and safe indoor environment.


Even if you just purchased a new heating and air system with a 10 year parts and labor extended warranty, you will still benefit from a PSA from B&W Plumbing and Heating.  All extended warranties require the equipment to have ‘regular maintenance’ or the warranty will not be valid.



Benefits include:

     * 10% discount on service.  (This includes plumbing repairs!)

     * No overtime charge.

     * Priority scheduling

     * 24 Hour Service

Procedures performed:

     * Clean or replace filters

     * Check and clean inside cooling coil if accessible (during A/C check)

     * Check primary and secondary drains

     * Add algae tablets to condensate pans

     * Vacuum blower housing/compartment

     * Clean and check condenser coil (during A/C check)

     * Lubricate all moving parts where applicable

     * Check and tighten all loose electrical connections

     * Check operation pressures for proper refrigerant charge (during A/C check)

     * Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors

     * Monitor air conditioning cycle (during A/C check)

     * Adjust gas pressure (during furnace check)

     * Check and adjust pilot operation if applicable (during furnace check)

     * Monitor flue draft for safe operation (during furnace check)

     * Check and test safety controls

     * Monitor furnace cycle (during furnace check)

     * Check for cracked heat exchanger (during furnace check)


Click the link to schedule online and save $10.00 on your PSA:


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